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This week, the boys try to understand this strange creature called "woman" by studying the myriad backstories of everyone's favorite DC heroine, Diana Prince!

This week's reading list:

Wonder Woman: Rebirth Issues #0-6

Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 1

Wonder Woman (New 52) Issues #1-12

Other topics include Mike Sekowsky's The New Wonder Woman, the Wonder Woman television show, the brand new Doom Patrol #1 from DC's new Young Animal line, and Nausicaรค of the Valley of the Wind!

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This week the boys imagine what the world would be like if everyone acted in real life the way they do online, with the help of Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan and Rick Remender & Sean Murphy's Tokyo Ghost!

Spoilers for Tokyo Ghost! Listen at your own risk!

Other topics include Marvel 2099 and Ridley Scott's Prometheus!


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This week on the show, the boys roll back the rock to the dawn of time to find the very best (and worst?) dinosaur comics on fossil record.

We're not saying that Satan put Dinosaurs vs. Aliens in the ground to tempt the he-folk and she-folk to sin. All we're saying is that everyone should be teaching the controversy.

Reading List: Age of Reptiles, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Barry Sonnenfeld's Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Other topics include T-Rex no Kanojo, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Spider-Gwen/Silk/Spiderwoman crossover, and hot takes on Get Down!

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This week, everything's Archie! It's Archie! He's here! Betty's here...Veronica, too...even Reggie's here! All these people. And they're here! So, it's okay that Kyle's not here, right?


Topics include: Archie (2015) #1-10, Jughead (2015) #1-7, Betty and Veronica #1, Spidey, and Kiss Him, Not Me!

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This week on this show, the boys dive into the grime-soaked copy of Sex Criminals they found out back behind the 7-11. Zac tries to stump the boys with his sex questions, but never fear--the American school system has their back.

Other topics include: Fables, SnotgirlSEX, the new animated classic The Killing Joke, and Pokemon vore.

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This week on this show, the boys trip the light fantastic to the tune of the Sorcerer Supreme as they pore over Jason Aaron's Doctor Strange (2015). Minor spoilers throughout, so be thou forewarned!

Other topics include: the inimitable Neil Breen and his "philms," Jaws (1977) and Jaws (2018), and Bryan K. Vaughan's Paper Girls!


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This week, the inaugural episode of the all new Hell to Breakfast Show: Resurrection! Join Brendan, Kyle, Ryan, and their new friend and comic-cohort Zac as they dive into the tangled web that is DC Comics' Rebirth event!


5:06 - ZAC ATTACK! (Superman)

11:34 - The Comics (DC: Rebirth, Action Comics #957 & #958)

28:10 - GRAB BAG (B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs Vol. 1, Jojolion, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vote Loki, Archie)

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This week on a very special 100th episode of the only podcast to have "Hell to Breakfast" in the title (for now), the boys shake the world with an announcement of cataclysmic proportions.

They also do a tight five on the butts of Lucha Underground, Hellboy, and the absolute BEST that Final Fantasy has to offer.

Make sure to stay tuned 'til the end of the program to hear the special announcement!


4:26 - Wrasslin' Wrundown (Lucha Underground S02 E21)

10:37 - Talkin' Bout Films (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)

23:30 - We Play Games We Go Hard (Final Fantasy XIII)

34:47 - Comics off the Internet (Hellboy, Hellboy in Hell)

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This week, the boys are joined by erstwhile hipster and xenomorph devotee Zac to discuss Aliens, and spit some game on the new run of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, for good measure. He also knows a LOT about wrestling. Ask him anything about wrestling at @ZetaRayZac, and he will know it. Guaranteed.

Ryan continues to be just, like, the worst. Just the worst. Fuck him. Fuck Ryan, jeezus christ.


3:38 - Wrasslin' Wrundown (Lucha Underground S02 E20)

6:45 - Wrasslin' Wrundown (NXT Takeover: The End)

21:51 - Comics on the Couch (Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur)

35:23 - Talkin' Bout Films (Aliens)

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This week on the show, Albetski gives a blow by blow of Lucha Underground like you wouldn't believe, Kyle gives a play by play of Howard the Duck like woah, and Ryan gives love a bad name.

Albetski and Kyle FINALLY find a name for their new alt-grunge rock punk band experiment.

If you're in the Chicago area, check out Ben Vigeant and Steve Winchell's play, Strike 3*: A Phil Play on Wednesdays, June 8-29 at the Public House Theatre!


4:02 - Wrasslin' Wrundown (Lucha Underground S02 E19)

19:10 - Comics on the Internet (Comixology Unlimited)

25:25 - #1 Round-Up (Howard the Duck #1, Mark Waid and Fiona Staples' Archie, Charles Forsman's TEOTFW)

34:59 - Comics on the Road (Strike 3*: A Phil Play)

40:10 - Talkin' Bout Films (Doom)

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