The Hell To Breakfast Show

Shades of Hell to Breakfast Classic abound, as the boys dig deep into the fantasy webcomic The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske, and discuss the finer points of...pacing.

Reading List:

The Wormworld Saga Ch. 1-9 y Daniel Lieske

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It's our last Spooktober 2017 show! Boo! Are you scared? Did you...flinch?

Yeah, us neither.

Reading List:

Flinch Vol. 1 by various

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Spooktober continues with another chilling offering, this time from the Empire of the Rising Sun! We're taking a look at Junji Ito's Fragments of Horror, which features all the classic Japanese monsters, like time-traveling cannibal bird women and home-fuckers.

Reading List

Fragments of Horror by Junji Ito

"The Enigma of Amigara Fault" by Junji Ito

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Spooktober returns! With the spookiest (and thingiest) things the boys could lay hands on. And something by R.L. Stine, as well.

Reading List

Assorted issues from Steve Gerber's 1974 run

Man-Thing #1-4 by R.L. Stine and German Peralta

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It's HTB does HTD! Have we finally found an old comic that both Ryan and Brendan will enjoy? Probably not, since one of them's dead!

And no, it's not the one you'd hope! Also, Kyle played Destiny 2!

EDIT: Re-uploaded without BGM.

Reading List

Howard the Duck (1976) #1-16 by Steve Gerber, Val Mayerik and Gene Colan

Howard the Duck (2015) Vol. 0 by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones

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This week on the Hell to Breakfast Show, the gang gets down and deadly with some whiny teen angst, courtesy of Rick Remender's Deadly Class.

Reading List:

Deadly Class Vols. 1-4 by Rick Remender, Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge



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It's the crossover no one asked for, about the comics no one wanted to read! It's a stacked card on this week's Hell to Breakfast Show I LUV IT, MAGGLE!

Reading List:

First Weapon Drawn by 7L, Esoteric & Inspectah Deck

Lucha Underground #1-4 by various artists


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This week on the show, Zac starts off pretty happy, then is less happy, then isn't happy.

Also we discuss, in fair and open terms, one of the most beloved comics that DC has ever published. And the high quality of service to be found at all regional Butthole Towns.

Reading List:

Jack Kirby's New Gods #1-12

Hunger Dogs by Jack Kirby

New Gods Special #1 (2017) by Shane Davis, Walter Simonson and Michelle Delecki

Young Animal's Bug! #1-3


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It's the Spawnisode! And we had audio issues up the ASS! Thanks, Spawn! Thanks, Todd McFarlane!

And thank you, the nineties.

Reading List:

Spawn: Origins Collection Vols. 1-3 by Todd McFarlane (and no one else)

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The boys are busy serving out some life sentences in the Iso-Cubes for that Harley Quinn nonsense a while back, and decided to record a podcast episode to help pass the time.

Reading List:
Judge Dredd (2012) #1-12 by Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniel

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